Capability Statement  
  • We supply batteries  for everything!
  • Most common applications:   Maintenance, facilities, vehicles, mobility & wheelchairs, two-way radios, and backup power.
  • Chemistries:   Lead acid, AGM, Gel, SLA,  Lithium Iron, Lithium-ion, Lithium metal, NiCad, NiMH
  • We supply battery from small (coin cells) to large (industrial batteries for fork lifts)
  • Recycling of all battery chemistries.  We charge fees for some battery chemistries

  • Installed 240 of 150 AH batteries in uninterruptable power supplies of a commercial data center in Pittsburgh.  We recycled the old batteries and provided recycling compliance certificates.
  • We recycled 31,114 lb of infrastructure batteries quantity 96 weighing 346 lb each ( a full tractor trailer load) for a customer, and provided proper recycling compliance certificates for the batteries
  • We supply batteries small and large to maintenance teams every day.

  • Batteries and chargers from manufacturers including: 
  • Trojan, Crown, Fullriver US Battery, , Leoch, Duracell, Energizer, GP, Sony, AC Delco,  Motobatt, Motocross, , Shorai, RD Batteries, Tenergy, Relion, NOCO
  • Located in southwest Pennsylvania  - Can deliver directly in Greater Pittsburgh area without shipping charges for volume purchases of lead acid batteries.

            Pennsylvania Small Business Certification:  536800-2018-12-SB
            DUNS:              066115828

            NAICS:             335911  Storage batteries
                                    335912  Primary batteries
                                    423910 Recycling
            Founded 2018