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Firefly Energy Oasis MCF G31 12V 116 AH

Price : $599.95
Capacity : '; 116 AH
Volts : '; 12
Chemistry : '; Microcell carbon foam
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Firefly Energy Oasis MCF G31 12V 116 AH Battery with Microcell Carbon Foam.   Lead acid replacement.   CAN BE SHIPPED WITHIN US. CONTACT US FOR A SHIPPING ESTIMATE.


- More than 3-4 times cycle life compared to flooded, gel, & AGM VLRA batteries at 50% depth of charge (DOD).
- Improved high/low temperature performance (better than lithium-ion)
- Superior protection against corrosion and sulfation related problems
- Sealed - requires no maintenance
- Lower cost per KHr delivered comparied to premium VRLA (AGM) batteries
- Throughput efficiency greater than 90%
- Industry leading warranty
- Outstanding long life under partial state of charge operation.
- Unmatched ability to recover from extended storage discharge state.
- Lowest cost of ownership